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  The term “hentai” might invoke images of wide-eyed animated girls doing deliciously nasty things in front of your screen. Still, it’s a whole genre of porn with more flavors than your local Ben & Jerry’s.

  And the thing about hentai is that it provides way more than the usual sexual gratification that a live-action porn flick or fap rag could offer: there’s a degree of craftsmanship that you can’t find anywhere else other than this genre.

  Simply put, you “come for that hot, wet fictional sex; stay for all the pretty pictures” when you talk about the world of hentai.

  So, you’re probably wondering where to start?

  Should you go and ogle at some finely drawn panels of a hentai manga (that’s a comic book in Japanese for all of you simps out there)? Or how about watching these 2D girls get rammed all ways until Sunday in a hentai anime? Even still, maybe you want to get as much interactivity as possible—without doing the real nasty, of course— in which case an excellent hentai game would work nicely for you?

  Regardless of the vehicle, you want your sweet fantasies to come in, say no more, you fine horny folks: because we’re about to give you a master list of some of the best hentai sites you could visit right now!

  HentaiStream – Top hentai anime site for newbies

  HentaiFox – Classic hentai manga site

  HentaiPros – Best premium hentai for serious fans

  Hentai Heroes – Best free hentai game

  Hentai.XXX – Best hentai site for classic series

  nHentai – Top hentai manga site for slash fiction

  Nutaku – Undisputed king of hentai games

  XAnime Porn – Best hentai site for complete content

  Fakku – Best hentai manga site overall

  EroGames – Perfect hentai site for games and manga

  HentaiHaven – Hentai anime site with no fuss

  ManhwaHentai – Hentai site with a fresh take

  Hentai Clicker – Top-notch casual hentai title


  HentaiStream has no pretenses when it comes to its naming conventions: it’s a site that lets you stream hentai anime using your device, and it’s all for free!

  If anything, you’d think that HentaiStream was humble when it came up with its domain name since their free streaming service is just scratching the surface of what this site has to offer. It is even better than that because they have a feature that lets you download the hentai videos they have on the site.

  You also get a nice mix of censored and uncensored stuff here, and you’re going to love that they have one of the most active forums available. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your equally freaky soulmate here, too!


  There are times when you want to sit back and enjoy the more sophisticated and much quieter medium of literature over TV and movies. So, what better way to improve your reading comprehension while getting wet than by reading about two-dimensional men and women getting their fuck on.

  And Hentai Fox is one of the best places to find these fine pieces of porno literature, so much so that the site’s become a legend in hentai fan circles. You could think of it as one of the pioneers of free hentai manga sites, with one of the most profound and most diverse selections of the stuff you could find online.

  The only price you pay here is a bit of patience navigating through their somewhat unruly layout that makes it seem you’ve been transported back to the mid-2000s. Never judge a site by its homepage, though, because this site rewards you with some of the best hentai manga titles you could find.


  Hentai Pros is hands down one of the finest examples of how far the genre has come. First off, this is a premium hentai site, which means fees are involved. Although, you’d end up paying anywhere from a buck to about thirty dollars if you decided to sign up as a Hentai Pro member, which is excellent value for your money.

  In exchange, you get full hentai movies and series available in various subtitles. You can also get high streaming speeds with no limits whatsoever from one of the largest libraries of uncensored hentai, all in HD!

  And as far as premium hentai sites go, we love how you still get samples of their content via clips and short videos when you’re not a member. Now, that’s excellent customer service right there!


  Nothing shows how incredible the hentai community is better than fan fiction. Instead of spitting vitriol a la Zack Snyder or Star Wars fans, horny anime and manga artisans pour their energies toward creating unlicensed works of their favorite characters in deliciously distasteful scenarios, thousands of which you could find on nHentai’s massive library.

  Don’t get us wrong: they also provide fan translations of official works in the hentai genre, but these doujinshis (pieces made by fans) are the real highlight of this site.

  In addition to their titles being all free of charge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well-maintained, and organized nHentai is, with a layout and navigation that would make you think it’s a premium website. Oh, and the absence of pop-ups is always appreciated!


  A section of the hentai community believes the hentai series and movies of years past are superior to those getting released these days. Now, one might be inclined to think that they’re just a bunch of old heads reliving the good ol’ days, but Hentai.XXX will make you think twice and start believing that they probably have a point.

  That’s because Hentai.XXX contains a pretty epic library of some of the best hentai series and movies to have ever come out and grace our screens; that’s not to say that they don’t offer more recent titles because they do. But the fact that they have so many of these classics—like Mistreated Bride or Sex Taxi— that you couldn’t find anywhere else is one of its defining features.

  And given that this site’s memberships go for as low as $1 and only as high as $34, you can make damn sure you’re making the right call to join them. Oh, and they even let you download their movies so you could watch them offline.


  If you haven’t heard of Nutaku by now, then either you’ve probably stayed sheltered all your life, or you have no idea what porn games are in general. Seriously, though, Nutaku is the most popular site to visit if you’re looking for hentai that’s interactive.

  They’re a hentai game hosting website that features thousands upon thousands of works from various developers, ranging from dating sims to saucy Japanese RPGs that let you control the action (if you know what we mean).

  You’re going to find a nice mix of free and freemium games here, with admittedly more of the latter. So, if you’re the kind who likes their nasty hentai content to come with some good ol’ sense of accomplishment for hours, you will have most definitely spent grinding on a freemium game, then this site is the perfect spot to visit right now.

  Well, it’s either grinding away or paying for content here; it’s all up to you!


  One of the most common and undoubtedly frustrating things to happen to a hardcore hentai fan is to get nothing but scraps from the sites they visit. And by scraps, we mean highly shortened clips edited for time with poor video resolution.

  Well, XAnime Porn solves that problem by actually offering its guests uncut content from the many hentai movies and series they have on offer. That means you can watch an entire season or a whole feature presentation on this site. And you won’t have to pay a single cent to enjoy their content.

  Believe it or not, some of us do watch hentai for the plot!

  It’s also nice that they provide hentai series and movies both uncensored or otherwise, which gives you more choices to watch (and maybe touch yourself to). Perhaps the only downside here is that XAnime Porn has a lot of pop-up ads you got to power through to watch their hentai anime in peace.


  Fakku is to hentai manga as Nutaku is to hentai games: they’re both undoubted champs in their respective fields. The only difference is that Fakku started as a free hentai manga site, then evolved into the porn powerhouse it is today during the 2010s.

  But if you think Fakku is just milking their traffic, then you’d be sorely mistaken. This premium hentai manga website offers the broadest and most diverse selection of original hentai manga works and doujinshis.

  Apart from their subscription-based model, you are also allowed to purchase hentai manga titles here piecemeal, which is perfect if you want to dip your toes into Hentai’s tasty tasty waters.


  Whereas most hentai websites—regardless if they’re free or premium ones— stick to one particular medium, EroGames gives you a double whammy of kinky 2D goodness by offering both hentai games and hentai comics.

  This is a premium hentai hosting site, which means other developers upload their stuff to EroGames, which they sell to you.

  As such, signing up for an account is a must if you want to enjoy the products they have to offer. On the bright side, instead of going with a subscription-based model, EroGames opted to go for a token (online credit) approach to their business.

  That means you get to sign up for free and just get charged when you purchase their online currency, which you then use to buy the fantastic content they offer.

  We especially love how their hentai games almost always have events that give you in-game bonuses aside from the fact that they also offer games that don’t work with a P2W (Pay 2 Win) scheme.

  And their selection of hentai comics is one of the most refreshing libraries you’re going to see, as they’ve got titles from pro creators all over the world like Joel Jurion.


  Hentai Haven provides you with a no-fuss, no-frills experience to give you thousands upon thousands of hentai anime. This free site offers both full-content and short hentai clips without any fees at all.

  The site features one of the most uncomplicated layouts you’ll see, and it truly doesn’t need anything more than that to give you what you want. The kinks and categories you’ll find in the animated minxes on this site will make your loins shoot out their load like it’s the 4th of July.

  Plus, this is one site that keeps itself well-maintained by its moderators, with new content every day being uploaded.

  However, if there’s one flaw with HentaiHaven, it’s that their search engine is a bit inconsistent. Sure, it’ll give you accurate results for simpler terms like “anal,” “gangbang”, or “teen,” but more complex ones like “midget creampie” or “futanari bukkake party” yield far less accurate ones.


  Hentai comics have become synonymous with manga, and it’s no surprise: Japan, after all, is the birthplace of hentai. But if you want to put a different twist to your regular hentai reading, then we highly recommend you visit ManhwaHentai.

  This is a website that almost exclusively provides hentai manhwa (that’s comics in Korean for all the uninitiated pervs out there) content, and it’s some of the best pieces of juicy, filthy comics you’re going to see.

  It’s all free, too, so you wouldn’t have to spend a single cent to access what they have to offer. It also makes this the perfect place to start if you’re coming out of your nest to explore the broader world of the hentai genre.


  This one is for all the hentai fans out there who like to get freaky with these fictional girls as closely as possible. Hentai Clicker is a standout game that mixes elements of dating sims and point-and-click adventures all wrapped up in a wet kinky package that even the most casual of fans will appreciate.

  Don’t let its freemium model deter you from playing this game, though, because the grind here is not as brutal as other titles out there, which means you won’t have to spend a whole year to unlock a couple of those moist sex scenes you’ve wanted to rub one out to.

  It’s got an art style that’s more than decent, and game mechanics that—much like most freemium games out there— are easy to understand and highly addictive. Without spoiling it too much, you play as a “healer” in this game out to “cure” your harem of animated wenches (signs point to the cure being your dick).

  Like we said earlier, the hentai genre runs far and wide, with each medium its graces becoming all the better for it. The diversity of mediums the genre appears in also allows people to expose themselves to different modes of fine adult entertainment.

  The list that we’ve given you are some of the most acceptable options to have, whether you’re new to the world of this wonderfully tasty porn genre or you’re a time-tested pervy veteran looking for a quality hentai experience.

  Regardless of the medium, you want to get your hentai from. One thing’s for sure: this is one of the most beautiful and sexiest porn genres you’ll find, and the best hentai sites on this list prove just that!


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