[games leaving xbox game pass]Another Five Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (July 2021)

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  1Krzzystuff2 days ago

  Heard a lot of good things about crosscode…bit it apperently takes over 30 hours for the main story so I’m not sure I’ll be starting that. Got to many on the go already so I don’t think I’ll be playing any of the departing games this month.



  2Halucigens2 days ago

  @Krzzystuff I’ve played about 2 hours of Cross Code. Love the story and art but can’t see putting 30 hours into it. Got a lot of games going on at once and a few of my buddies just picked up the X.



  3Tharsman2 days ago

  Cross Code was soooo good. Bought it for Switch physically but might keep it sealed and buy it digital on xbox in wait for that promised post-game content…



  4Trmn8r2 days ago

  Love the look, sound, and premise of CrossCode. After playing it for multiple hours however, the gameplay is kind of becoming a drag. Getting really repetitive and grindy for me. Heard it’s super long, so I might just have to leave it unfinished and be fine with that.



  5themightyant2 days ago

  Another one who missed Crosscode, not going to have time in the next few weeks unfortunately.

  It’s a relatively small complaint in the grand scheme but THIS is my least favourite thing about Game Pass, feeling like you are missing out on titles because there is too much to play and never enough time!



  6Tharsman2 days ago

  @Trmn8r if you feel it’s too grindy just tweak the difficulty settings. IMO they are over-tinned for hardcore RPG gamers with lightning reflexes, but the game has very granular config settings to make combat and puzzle speed a lot less frustrating.

  IMO the story was worth playing through.



  7Bmartin0012 days ago

  Sucks ghat CrossCode is leaving



  8Oval_Griffin1 day ago

  Microsoft should pay for the rights to have smaller and older big titles on Game Pass permanently.



  9Tharsman1 day ago

  @Oval_Griffin I am just guessing here, but I think most people that are approached by MS to be part of GP take the “fixed payment” approach and that does not work well if the title is there permanently for Microsoft. If the game stays there forever, then players are less likely to prioritize it, therefore it’s gets less play now and MS ends paying for time ir was barely payed.

  Having an expiration date adds to its scarcity and encourages players to try the third party games within its window.

  Maybe at some point they can standardize a “paid based on how many players engage with your game” model that puts more gamble on the publisher/dev shoulders.

  I know based on an interview I listened to a while back that they did experiment with such a model early on but most devs did not want to take that risk.



  10Oval_Griffin1 day ago

  @Tharsman That’s like saying many tv shows shouldn’t stay on Netflix because they do not have enough viewers.

  The customer who pays for a subscription can watch what they want, when they want. That’s the point.



  11Tharsman1 day ago

  @Oval_Griffin many shows don’t actually stay on Netflix because it is usually not worth it for them to renew the license. Only shows that were done and financed by them stay on Netflix long therm.

  High viewership shows they try to keep (like The Office) but they tend to have to fend off other bidders that might want to get the show exclusive to their streaming platform.



  12swedetrap23 hours ago

  Wanted to like CrossCode. Didn’t. Not really the games fault so much as the fault of the gaming press for gushing over it so much.


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