[soldier 76 wallpaper]Overwatch 2’s Characters Are Probably in for a Reckoning

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  Based on what Blizzard has been showing for Overwatch 2 thus far, the hero shooter’s beloved characters could be seeing some big changes.

  By Richard Warren

  Published Apr 14, 2021


  mercy and genji talking overwatch 2

  While Overwatch 2 is seemingly still far off, Blizzard has already proven that the game is a good bit different from its predecessor. Aside from a deep PvE mode with hundreds of missions, certain locations will not be seen in the Overwatch 2 map lineup. A new sound system is being added, while improved visuals can be seen in the footage shown thus far. All the heroes are also getting visual redesigns for the sequel, and this may not be the only change made to the characters.

  Overwatch 2 is the perfect opportunity for Blizzard to make significant changes to its cast of characters. While completely removing a hero is unlikely due to how it gets rid of a playstyle from the game, reworks could see characters playing much differently from how they used to. Buffs and nerfs could come for several heroes as well, ensuring that the sequel plays much differently from the first game. While it remains to be seen if gamers approve of all the decisions, they should expect change when they load up Overwatch 2 for the first time.

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  mercy and genji talking overwatch 2

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  Via experimental updates, major Overwatch hero changes have been coming for months now. While they do not always stick, as certain adjustments like Orisa’s armor buff frustrate players, it is clear that Blizzard is constantly working to make the game feel balanced and fresh. As such, it seems likely that this philosophy carries over to the next Overwatch game, with several heroes getting buffs or nerfs that change their positioning in the meta. These may all be seen on launch day as well, creating a hero shooter experience that feels much different from the one Overwatch fans are used to.


  A hero like Soldier 76, for example, could see a boost made to the damage output of both his regular fire and Helix Rockets. In need of a buff for some time now due to his intentionally basic kit, Soldier has failed to keep up with newer heroes. Bastion remains one of the least popular characters in terms of pick rate, as strategies involving the character are fairly easy to read. As for nerfs, it seems likely that D. Va takes another hit, as she has remained at the top of pick rates for some time now. However, buffs and nerfs are just the tip of the iceberg for Overwatch 2, as players will likely be looking at entire reworks as well.



  When looking at the current build of Overwatch, heroes like Mercy and Symmetra are nothing like the way they were when the game first launched. The former was too strong, required in nearly every match due to how her ultimate ability let her resurrect entire teams. The latter was considered to be less fun to play than she should, though it is worth noting that Symmetra remains a prime contender for yet another rework in the future.

  Based on the major Reinhardt rework that Blizzard showed off for Overwatch 2 in the Behind the Scenes video, it seems like changes on the level of Mercy or Symmetra are likely. In the sequel, Reinhardt will seemingly have two fire strike attacks. While each fire strike will likely charge his ultimate at a slower rate, this allows him to be more aggressive going forward. Building on that aggression, Rein players will now be able to cancel their pin attempts, meaning they could stop themselves if they miss of pin enemies off ledges without dying themselves. A major improvement to the character that encourages fun risk-taking, the rework is exciting.


  With Rein being changed so heavily, it seems likely that at least a few more heroes get some major adjustments as well. Several Overwatch 2 reworks are possible, with Blizzard’s previous hints at things like a tankier version of Mei more possible than ever before. With so many options for changes, and the launch of a sequel serving as the perfect time to introduce any new systems, several members of Overwatch’s hero roster will likely play far differently in the next game.

  Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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