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  Need the best MP5 Cold War class loadout? No need to beat around the bush. Right now, the MP5 is the best weapon in Call of Duty: Cold War right now. It’s a force to be reckoned with on Cold War’s mostly short sightlines, even without attachments. You can take it into any match in any mode and comfortably squash the competition (with the exception of Dirty Bomb’s larger areas).

  The MP5 is such a dominant weapon that you could slap just about anything on it and be fine. That said, certain barrels, grips, and muzzles can be combined to tune it to your ideal playstyle. With the return of Wildcards in Cold War, loadout crafters have newfound freedom to specialize. I’ve gathered three of my favorite Cold War MP5 setups that are not only fun, but practical in any mode.


  Optic: Axial Arms 3XMuzzle: Infantry CompensatorBarrel: 9.5” RangerBody: SOF Target DesignatorHandle: Airborne Elastic Wrap


  9.5″ Ranger Barrel

  black ops cold war mp5 best loadouts

  (Image credit: Activision)

  Doubles bullet velocity at the cost of 25 percent aim walking speed.

  Perk Greed


  Flak JacketTactical MaskTrackerGearheadNinjaGhost


  Lethal: SemtexTactical: Stun Grenade

  Field Upgrade

  Sam Turret

  This loadout focuses on the MP5’s versatility to create a weapon that can be competitive at any range in Multiplayer. The stars of the show here are the 9.5” Ranger barrel combined with one of Cold War’s only proper scopes, the Axial Arms 3X. With these two additions alone, the MP5’s bullet velocity and effective range are doubled. The other two must-haves are the SOF Target Designator and Airborne Elastic Wrap, which can mark enemies from a huge distance while ADSing and eliminate nearly all flinching in a firefight. That’s a hefty advantage, especially in the dark alleys of Miami.

  The setup has no specific need for extra attachments, so Perk Greed is the natural Wildcard to pick. Triple up on perks by grabbing both key resistance perks (Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask) and the best stealth perks (Ninja and Ghost). The blue perk slot can be fitted to your preference, but I prefer Tracker and Gearhead.


  SWAT 5mw Laser Sight

  black ops cold war mp5 best loadouts

  (Image credit: Activision)

  Increases hip fire accuracy by 36 percent at the cost of 8 percent ADS speed.

  Barrel: 9.5” ExtendedBody: SWAT 5mw Laser SightUnderbarrel: SFOD SpeedgripMagazine: 40 Rnd Speed MagStock: Duster Stock


  Law Breaker




  Lethal: TomahawkTactical: Flashbang

  Field Upgrade

  Field Mic

  This loadout outfits the MP5 around hip-fire, meaning the SWAT Laser Sight and Speed Grip are both essential. The other picks here, namely the 9.5” barrel, Speed Mag, and Duster Stock are tuned around high mobility and aim speed for the moments when a full ADS is truly necessary.

  Above all else, however, this playstyle hinges on the Law Breaker Wildcard’s flexibility. You don’t need red or blue perks, just slap on the three yellow ones that matter: Ghost, Ninja, and especially Gung-Ho. Gung-Ho lets you fire from the hip while sprinting at no accuracy penalty. Ideally, more than half of your kills in a match will be earned while sprinting. With the accuracy setup, the MP5 itself is extremely accurate within a few meters and you’re bound to catch players by surprise. Not only that, but moving faster makes you a harder target (doubly so against controller players). Of course, controlling your own aim while dashing around isn’t easy, but should be manageable if you’re using a mouse. The Field Mic is ideal for locking down an area long enough to reload, while the tomahawk is a nice insta-kill companion if you can get in close.

  Since this is a Law Breaker loadout, pick a secondary weapon that works best for you. Since this MP5 is useless for, say, the longer angles of Checkmate or Cartel, I recommend packing a Pellington sniper rifle or M16.


  40 Round Drum Mag

  black ops cold war mp5 best loadouts

  (Image credit: Activision)

  Increases magazine size by 10 and increases overall ammo at the cost of a 10 percent slower reload.

  Optic: Microflex LEDMuzzle: Infantry CompensatorBarrel: 9.5” Task ForceBody: Tiger Team SpotlightUnderbarrel: Field Agent GripMagazine: 40 RND DrumHandle: Airborne Elastic WrapStock: Collapsed Stock




  Flak JacketQuartermasterNinja


  Lethal: SemtexTactical: Stimshot

  Field Upgrade

  Proximity Mine

  On the flipside, this setup revolves around typical snap-aim, close-range MP5 combat. To get a major edge in a straight up firefight, grab the Gunfighter wildcard and unlock the last three attachment slots. Optic choice is important here. Ideally, you want something that blocks the least peripheral vision like the Microflex LED, but if your MP5 isn’t that far leveled a similar red-dot will do nicely. The MP5 already has low recoil, but you can further erase it with the Infantry Compensator and Field Agent Grip. The last crucial bonus is ADS speed and flinch resistance, both of which are covered by the Elastic Wrap and Collapsed Stock.

  Perks are flexible this time around, with the exception of one. Since you’re likely to barely scrape by multiple firefights on a single life, the Stimshot will keep you going longer. And to ensure you always have another stim in your pocket, Quartermaster is an essential companion. When in doubt, Flak Jacket and Ninja are great defaults for the remaining slots.

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