[Knockout City]Knockout City’s scorching hot Heatwave event is taking place June 22 – July 5

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  It has been revealed that another time-limited event will soon take place within Knockout City following its Block Party launch event. In celebration of the summer, the event is called Heatwave and it introduces several new modes and exclusive cosmetic items.

  According to a press release, there will be ice pops hidden across the map and you will earn spendable Heatwave Tickets for collecting these and completing matches. This feels almost like an Easter egg hunt, but you’ll, of course, need to be wary of all the players trying to knock you down with dodgeballs. The list of cosmetics is said to include an ice cream truck glider and an intro-pose where your character will lounge in a beach chair and sip a drink.

  The list of new playlists, which you can view below, includes an intense 1v1 mode that unlocks on June 22, where all special balls are available. The triple team matches starting June 29 also sound especially tantalising, as up to this point, we have only seen teams of two go head-to-head.

  June 22 – Party Face-Off

  1v1, ALL Special Balls

  Classic Face-Off Rules: Danger Zone, no border warnings, etc.

  June 29 – Triple Team Chaos

  2v2v2, team free for all

  First team to 15 KOs wins the match

  Knockout City

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