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﹛﹛There are more events to come! Keep an eye out for future event announcements

﹛﹛El Solitario Collaboration EventEl Solitario Collaboration Event


﹛﹛PUBG is collaborating with El Solitario! for their first event. Here*s how to participate in the event.

﹛﹛Click &Join Event* on the Event Page to participate.

﹛﹛Play and complete daily missions to earn Event Points.

﹛﹛Collect points to redeem awesome El SOLITARIO skins!

﹛﹛Rewards: El Solitario Wolf Sweater, El Solitario Wolf Face Scarf

﹛﹛Event Schedule

﹛﹛PC: June 2 每 June 22, 16:00 KST

﹛﹛Console: June 10 每 June 30, 16:00 KST

﹛﹛Weapon Skin Upgrade System Update EventWeapon Skin Upgrade System Update Event

﹛﹛In this event, players can free Contraband Coupons. Here*s how:

﹛﹛Click &Join Event* on the Event Page to participate.

﹛﹛Play and complete daily missions to earn Event Points.

﹛﹛Collect points to earn Contraband Coupons!

﹛﹛Multiple Contraband Coupons can be used to open Contraband crates.

﹛﹛Rewards:?90 Contraband Coupons

﹛﹛You can check out the Update 12.1 patch notes for more details on the Weapon Skin Upgrade System.

﹛﹛Event Schedule

﹛﹛PC: June 2 每 June 15, 16:00 KST

﹛﹛Console: June 10 每 June 23, 16:00 KST

﹛﹛?At the main lobby screen, click on the Care Package icon located at the top right corner.

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