[yoga vpn apk]PUBG Mobile India: Global version releases 1.2 APK Power version in Season 17

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  PUBG Mobile India’s comeback to the country is all but impossible after the Government of India maintained that the ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps in July and September might be permanent. This has destroyed all hopes that PUBG Mobile India, which was banned in September might never come back. In the wake of FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) launching on January 26 and already registering close to three lakh downloads in less than 24 hours, PUBG Mobile India’s market is in danger of being eroded. However, on a global scale, PUBG Mobile continues to release some impressive features. Recently, PUBG Mobile released a 1.2 version of the Runic Power and the APK version is available to download everywhere except India. In an Instagram trailer, the Runic Power enables a forcefield enhancing the effect for the gamers.

  Recently, Krafton Inc CEO stated that the game has plans to go big in India in 2022 with the launch of Calisto Protocol and other games including a sequel to PUBG Mobile. The fact that Krafton and PUBG are going big with webtoons, horror genres and other updates means that gamers in the world get an enhanced version of the game every single time they load the game. Apart from the Runic Power, there is Fire Rune and Artic Rune that enhances the players’ abilities in many ways.

  PUBG Global Championship concludes

  PUBG Mobile recently concluded their world championship tournament held in Abu Dhabi despite overcoming several obstacles in coronavirus and network connection issues. Nova XQF won the title of the first-ever PUBG Mobile Global Championship and were PMGC Winners with a total of 4 chicken dinners and 151 kills. Nova XQF had 319 points with no other team touching the 300 points mark. Another cycle to the Global Championship Season 1 is soon going to start, as the PUBG management has announced their plans for 2021 already.

  However, for India, the long wait for PUBG Mobile trying to come back to the country is only going to be prolonged. There were earlier methods where the ban could be bypassed by downloading a secure VPN app and bypassing the geo-block by adding a different country other than India in order to play PUBG Mobile India. However, the Government of India has decided to go ahead and ban the game again, making it difficult even by VPN access.

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