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  Written by Alim Jaffer VP Product at Heroic Labs, the creators of the popular open-source game server Nakama which powers multiple titles in the Top 50 on mobile.

  Heroic Labs is excited to announce the release of Nakama 3.0 – the leading open-source game server which powers real-time gameplay, in-game chat, deep social features, and cross-platform play across all genres. After 4 years of steady releases by our team, Nakama has become a powerhouse of games infrastructure and server development within our industry.

  At Heroic Labs, we’ve partnered with studios such as Paradox Interactive to bring the power of Nakama to use within their existing and upcoming titles and enable cross-platform gameplay regardless of game device or storefront. The flexibility of Nakama means that it can live inside your own cloud provider and integrate seamlessly with all of your existing services such as your in-house user authentication system, CRM, business intelligence systems, logging, metrics exports etc.

  You can drag and drop Nakama into both existing and new projects, as well as easily track your players across your catalogue of titles to boost engagement and offer cross-game compatibility with a singular user account. Let our team handle the DevOps around uptime, scalability, backups, and on-calls while your teams can focus on player happiness, growth, and monetisation.

  ”Nakama is a unique product built upon carefully selected tech with a beautifully implemented system that does more than what it promises on paper. Behind this elegant technology, there is a hardcore team who are building this robust, extendable, adoptable, scalable and complete solution piece by piece with the utmost of care. With Heroic Labs’ help, we managed to place Nakama at the heart of our game technology stack smoothly, and it has since proven itself multiple times over,” said Engin Erenturk, CTO at Gram Games.

  This allows studios to not only treat Nakama as an in-house tool, but also empowers them to own their entire tech stack while building upon proven infrastructure. Nakama powers titles that exceed 10M MAU, 1.5M DAU, and peak at over 15,000 queries per second in a variety of gameplay types. As a flexible game server the technology is mature, highly scalable, and battle-proven across a diverse set of game genres which include grand strategy, casual social, battle royale, match-3, PvP, and social casino.


  Unlimited ambition

  With Nakama being cloud, platform, and gameplay agnostic, this enables studios to focus on building the games which realise their vision regardless of genre, team size, and past backend experience. Consider it the Unity of the backend – a stand-alone product that you can standardise around and easily onboard your team on in order to move faster, attack blue oceans, and monetise with deep social features such as groups, chat, dynamic leaderboards, and built-in matchmaker. Build the next Fortnite, Among Us, Clash Royale, or Warzone all on Nakama. Nakama is the most flexible and capable product on the market, helping studios generate 10’s of millions in monthly revenue.

  ”We chose Nakama as it has a proven track record of success and scalability. The Heroic Labs engineers helped us onboard onto the technology and enabled us to release Mr. Autofire with deep social features to boost engagement and retention. Nakama allows us to build games without limitation for millions of players,” said Kalle Kaivola, CEO at Lightheart Entertainment,

  Our expert Heroic Labs engineers work hand in hand with your teams to guarantee the success of your projects. From high-level architectural overviews, to writing, reviewing, and implementing server side code to ensure performance for scalability and monetisation of your player base. Our engineers have experience on dozens of projects and will train your team to become Nakama experts, as well as offering 24/7/365 support via direct messaging using Slack or Teams.

  You can read more about the latest features in Nakama 3.0, such as the heavily requested Party System that allows players to easily find matches with random players as seen in popular drop-in/drop-out games such as Apex Legends, and our brand new Nakama Console in our latest blog post.

  Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at contact@heroiclabs.com – we’d love to hear from you.

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