[sekiro]’Thymesia’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Fast ‘Sekiro’-Style Combat

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  An official game trailer for the upcoming fast-paced action “Souls”-like game “Thymesia” was recently released, showing off the game’s unique spin on FromSoftware’s revered combat formula.

  The two-minute gameplay demo posted by GameSpot showcased the dark and desperate world of “Thymesia” as well as an overview of how the game’s combat works. “Thymesia” is being developed by OverBorder Studio under Team17’s indie games label titles.

  The game is set in a once-great city that has been ruined by a mysterious and devastating plague that mutated the local populace into violent madmen and horrifying beasts. Players will take the role of Corvus, a peculiar individual tasked with finding a solution to the city-wide crisis.

  “Thymesia” draws heavy inspiration from both “Bloodborne” and “Sekiro” in terms of aesthetics and combat. The plague-ridden Victorian-esque city bears some resemblance to Yharnam while its combat system combines elements of both games while adding some of its own twists.

  Thymesia is an upcoming action RPG that's heavily inspired by From Software's blockbuster titles

  Thymesia is an upcoming action RPG that’s heavily inspired by From Software’s blockbuster titles.

  Photo: OverBorder Studios

  Combat in “Thymesia” is fast and lethal. Veterans of the “Souls” series will be able to instantly recognize this game’s combat mechanics and the overall flow of every fight. Corvus is a skilled and agile fighter who can parry blows like the eponymous “Sekiro” and weave through incoming attacks like the hunters of Yharnam.

  What sets “Thymesia” apart from the rest is the implementation of a unique plague power that allows Corvus to shape the energies of the plague into all manners of weapons like pikes, scythes and greatswords. The gameplay demo showed one instance where Corvus blocks an attack then immediately counters with a javelin and another clip where he manifests a great scythe to cleave through an enemy.

  The plague weapons are fueled via combat. Team17 producer Luke Goldspink said in the trailer that this mechanic was inspired by the bloodletting techniques used by plague doctors during the time of the Black Death.

  “Thymesia’s” combat styles can be further refined via the game’s talent tree system that lets players customize their playstyle, creating a fast and fluid fighting system that perfectly combines all of the game’s mechanics into a very satisfying experience.

  The game is set to release later this year.

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