[Gods Will Fall Review]Gods Will Fall has now been released for ancient god, Celtic Warrior and Barbarian World

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  Today, DEEP Silver officially released “Gods Will Fall (the gods will fall)”,Now landed in PS4,Xbox1,NS,PC and Google Stadia. This is a dark style action game.The protagonist is the last Celtics soldier.

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  ”Gods Will Fall” was developed by Clever Beans located in Manchester.Players need to manipulate eight soldiers with unique weapons,Uncover the dark secrets of each ancient god.The game is easy to get started,It is difficult to master,Huge challenges are waiting for players who are waiting to take risks.


  Global media evaluation:

  PC Gamer: “This is a rare game,Sour experience and can innovate into the new game.”

  Ign Spain: “The concept of gods will fall is very interesting,And the game itself has a lot of content worth looking forward to.”

  Actugaming: Gods Will Fall will definitely attract players who like great challenges.”

  GamePro: “This game is very good!”

  Wccftech: “This will be an enjoyable and challenging game.”

  Gamesource.IT: “Gods Will Fall looks great,It shows an interesting topic,Stimulating game design and pleasant gaming experience.”

  Gamespew: “If you like it too difficult,Be sure to try GODS WILL FALL.”


  Players can choose to purchase a standard version or Warrior version.The Warriors version contains hunter head equipment (pre-order players will be directly obtained) and the Sleeping God Canyon (Valley of The Dormant Gods) DLC.

  Hunter’s head equipment will appear random in each game.The clan is a tight hunting,The captured trophy will be honored and displayed to everyone.Five unique hiding beasts,Wolf,Bear,fox,Wild boars and crickets can be wear by warriors as a combat,And warned that the god hunting has begun.

  The Shenxiao Canyon DLC will join three new gods in the game (outside the existing 10),Two new weapons categories,New items,new skill,Heavenly extension and warrior costumes.The content will join the game in the form of three new levels in the next few months.Every level has a god and other additional content.


  Three new gods — enter the territory of three new hell gods.These unknown helo occupied by evil servants will be the test of your courage.

  Two new weapons – try two new barbaric weapons categories,Each has a unique and fatal combat method.

  New items – new equipment and supplies will help your clan torsion.

  New skills – new combat method will expand the battle system of the warrior,And make sure the right warrior can be selected by the battle in front.

  Heavenly Expansion – “When you pass the calm heaven,Copy your eyes, find that this calm landscape is hidden behind the secret.

  Fighting costumes — with the best costumes and head equipment to dress up your clan,Let them look at the gods in the battle.


  You are the last hope of human beings!

  Shen Ming has cruelly ruled for thousands of years.They asked to serve their families and old people.Slow and cruel death is waiting for people who don’t accept God.Experience the soldiers who don’t care in the desperate tribute to try to resist the oppression of God.

  People suffer from the cruel rule of the gods too long,Anyone who can take a knife will be called by your Celtic warrior survivors.Arms with the horrible beasts and servants in the gods.

  Personal story will appear after each decision.Success can witness the birthday,Failure, you have to look at Cangfun into the dust.


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