[Adrian Peterson Madden 21]Interview with Mr. Adrian Bosshard, Ellasi / SA President

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  ”Our values are being recognized and accepted by more and more Chinese consumers.”

  In Switzerland watch brand and even the whole luxury industry,From the brand’s advanced year, it is a brand endorsement.Even the cases of a certain brand lifelong endorsement are not fresh.But from the brand’s old light box advertisement,Continue with the sales manager,Until the president of the whole power controlled operation, CEO,Such a case is that it is a hanker.It can even be said that it is not out.Because of the systemIt’s already a fate of two words.Not only comes from the heart of the heart,It is more compiled that the parties exceed the ordinary learning ability and perseverance.Mr. Adrian Bosshard, Erian Bosshard.


  Adrian Bosshard has served as President of Yulian Glashutte since 2008.in fact,As early as 2006,He began to be responsible for the reacting and development of this watch brand.UION GLASHUTTE is fully restarted in March 2008,It can be described as a year-on-step step rapid jump.After 2013, the new office building in Springweg Street, Glasi Town is completed.Brand combines watch production, customer service and brand management,This also created favorable conditions in global business extension – starting in 2018,Yu Lian Glasi stationed in the Chinese market,Expand new business.

  As the saying goes, “The car is strong enough”,The MotoGP driver’s physical quality is completely three championships than the shoulder.Inside the Swatch Group,ADRIAN BOSSHARD, which has always been Wen Wenya is a unrelated “desperate martilao”.”I usually get up at 5 o’clock in the morning.At least 7 points, arrived at the company.”InterviewBosshard told me.

  Q = Wang Wei

  A = adrian bosshard

  ”Chinese guests have currently have considerable consumption autonomy”

  Q: Yu Lian Table has officially entered the Chinese market last year.Grasping this time,What do you think?

  A: There is no doubt,The Chinese market is very important for anyone.10 years ago, we have not prepared for the Chinese market service.All aspects have been in place in 2018.Yusian watch enters the water to the stream.Overall,At present, China’s watch market is still in growth trend.At the same time, it must be pointed out.Today’s consumers have great differences compared to previous: This is in their great knowledge and knowledge of watching,The degree of education is also more than ten years ago.Simply relying on advertising bombings may not continue to let them be willing to pay.At the same time, a simple to show off the consumption is also lowered.China’s consumers are more autonomous,Go to choose some watch brands you really like.

  Q: In your opinion,What is the bits between the “New Tolerance” Tongyu, the Chinese Watch Market?

  A: I thought that the entry of Yulian watch was as high as it.As a German high-end system brand with 126 years,From the beginning of the start of the card, I insist on the high-end charm time of the quality assurance of Glasi Town.Maintain the price of relative to the people.Specifically to the design philosophy,We adhere to the aesthetics and inner technology, both of them cannot be scattered.This includes elegant moisteners.Abandon unnecessary clothes,Persist on focusing the actual effects of each component.Make sure that each watch came to the customer, you can get a new year.Rare and reliable.Very happy,Our values are being recognized and accepted by more and more Chinese consumers.

  Q: Can Yisian watching “portrait” in China target consumers?After entering the Chinese market,What new initiatives have Yu Lian Table?

  A: Yusian watch is not a mass production brand.Not our product in the production method of industrial pipeline.In the entire production process,Will be rigorous and serious,The meticulous “German Engineer Spirit” is consistent.for example,Single is a manufacture of 18 independent steps,All handmade.It is also based on such quality reliance.We are also very high in the choice of partners in China,The partnership of Yubai watch does not provide a good welcome environment.Store related personnel must also accept strict training.Have a rich watch knowledge.You know that Most of the consumer group of Yusian watch has been higher education.Many people itself is a table fan.They use the Internet and abroad to reserve related watch knowledge and eyes,Even the watch structure and manufacturing are quite understanding,Such guests are precious,They are hipsters who buy watchs.Will not bury the surface article,But there is a unique value demand.We should have a peer-to-peer service.Try to mine and meet the needs of this part of consumers.

  Q: For the positioning of Yu Lian in the Swatch Group,How do you see?

  A: Probably 25 years ago,Swatch Group’s watch brand,For example, Omega and other brands began to enter China’s development.They gradually start,It has been very powerful until now.of course,Yusian watch is still relatively high in the group,We have a high market share in Germany.It’s just that China has just started.Basically belong to zero start.After the cultivation of the Chinese watch market,Now there is a certain maturity,This is just the opportunity and advantage of the Yulian watch in my opinion.I would like to thank the brands (laugh) that I entered first.

  For example, you must pay attention to this year, many brands in Sworsse Group have launched a diving table.Yusian Table Bayllis series also launched a one,Elegant black,Excellent waterproof performance,Signature screw fixed detachable design on both sides of the case,The strap can also be quickly disassembled.The price is very fair,Hipster naturally understand.Or Bele series,We have the tradition of production timecase tables.The latest one is to address the “Panda Disk” in the Chinese market.But we will still don’t have anything.The disk is not single white but the beautiful ivory white,The black and white color of the timing disk and the second pin plate is not ruled but not a one.The last details are often ignored: twelve timing numbers,Not usually used by the Arabic digital style,It is a unique shape of Digital printing in Germany.The three digits of “4, 8, 12” are particularly,People who like Germany designs are known.


  Q: Since it tells the specific style,You may wish to introduce you to the current Husian watch in the market.

  A: Based on,Our watches are divided into two series of classics and sports.Viro Vero series mechanical watch,It is an Yuxian watch that is entry.Among them, 41mm, 34mm, calendar watch, launched by female, female consumers are 8,500 yuan jump,Not only is the ideal table selection,More dedicated to the beauty of the generological minimalism; Noramis Noraminis series watches and “1893” series of watches,It is a contemporary interpretation to the classic and classical germanial instrumentation.in particular,The former is a long-term classic elegant style and contemporary demand for design and technology in the past 50 to 60 years.The latter only consists of seeing the shape of the case,Just know that its design is inspired by the historic (Belisar Baileshi series) is our most optimistic.First, its product line is wide,Style model is rich enough,Second, it faces the consumption object is also the mainstream guest group of the current brand.Although they have a good taste relative to their relative young,More recognition,Tell the details.This series of watches is a commonly used screw fixation design.Meet the dealerism of friends, is willing to personally do DIY assembly, disassemble some housings.It also provides exclusive private custom space for unconventional combinations of different materials.


  The six series of Yubai Tablets,In addition to the above four series,The remaining two series is a pure ladies watch.Sports and elegant concise series, respectively,And more blurred the boundaries between the watch and jewelry,And highlights the person’s personality of the Sirona servo series.Aquina series design language,Especially its ear design is not,There is no introduction of the Chinese market.As far as the Yusian watch, the overall performance in the Chinese market,At present, the shipments of men’s watch and ladies watches are substantially 8: 2,The sales of ladies watches is much better than 10% of our original estimated.Although our automatic mechanical table is largely used ETA movements.However, the terms of the femaper will make further wear after further polishing,These movements will also be modified according to the actual function of the watch.Simultaneously,Two manual upper-chain headers that have been self-produced,In the future, we may put the manual chain machine to become a series,This is benefited from the strengthening of our self-produced movement.

  ”Passion and happiness,It is the driving force for my love.”

  Q: I noticed that you are in the Sworth Group,The identity of the Eastern European Market Coordinator.Due to historical reasons,The products of the Grasuri People’s Table Plant of the Cold War Edition have sold Eastern Europe and even the whole socialist camp.What is the performance of the Eastern European market?

  A: In the Eastern European market,Swatch Group has only two direct companies.One in Russia,One in Poland,The overall performance of the watch business of these two countries is very strong.The horizontal comparison is even higher than those brands that are more brought by the group in mainland China.This is why I can serve as the Eastern European coordinator,In order to coordinate the relationship between the group’s co-price and other brands.Yubai performance has a layout in Russia,In Eastern Europe, we only stationed in Czech Republic and Romania.Especially last year,After the Yulian watch entered China,We wish to spend greater strength to do a good job in the Chinese market.This is also the top priority of my work.

  Q: When you can compare, you can lead your colleagues to expand both China and Russia.What are the experience or comparison?After all, these two markets have considerable approximation.

  A: Open up the market,It is indispensable with the dealers’ integration.But Russia (people’s alcohol) is more exaggerated than China (laugh).In fact, the Russian market and the Chinese market are not big.Russia is a very serious country with two poles.China has already had a fairly volume of middle class.This is very important for the market that Yushu is located in the middle of the mid-end.In addition,Compared to Renmin currency value stable,Russian rubles’ market fluctuations are like sitting on the mountain trolley,We have tounted seven prices in Russia within a year!Moreover,Russian e-commerce has not yet developed,The logistics system is also far from China.In contrast, do business in China.No matter what the brand has always been an opportunity,Because you can always find a sinking way.

  Q: I noticed that you used to be the identity of the racer.After turning to the watch professional manager,How do you translate the idea of sports elites into corporate management and marketing award?

  A: As the CEO of the Yulian watch,Thanks to the powerful execution of our production and operation team,I have no need to be a matter of death.More is the role of the core decisions.but,I am probably an employee for the longest working hours of the Group Switzerland.Thanks to a good habit of raising a good habit of athletes.I usually get up at 5 o’clock in the morning.If you can’t get the company, you will start a day of work.Most of the time will work to eight, nine o’clock.I like skiing, jogging and cycling when I am fine.In fact, it is not only me.Our CFO is also a sports enthusiast.His habit is to run every day,The round-trip time is approaching for nearly three hours.Another female executive is a flower-watering enthusiast.Do not,It should be said that she is very professional (laugh).Get passion and happiness from work,This is the cause and motivation I love to work.

  Q: You prefer to wear motor carriers,Or is it suits?or,These two styles of clothes,Are they all the competitions in the journey?

  A: A person’s goals and pursuit of life in different ages are certain,During my 15 to 35 years, I am a personal energy.Especially the most physical strength, the most powerful time,I am very enjoying the hard work and racing in the track.Since now,Sports are my hobby,The body is of course the cost of work,But I prefer to make a brain to make decisions.Help the brand to open up the market,At the same time, personal value is achieved.I like to communicate with people,I found social,Good industry is very important in Chinese social culture.I really like this,Although some indicators and assessments are required in the work,But “people love” is the must, and the must have the necessary team and development business.This can also be said to be a little aware of Chinese culture.

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