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  禹 Tang Weekly,Bring you a weekly domestic and foreign sports marketing.


  In the past week,What incidents happened to the sports marketing industry at home and abroad?Tang Tang will take you from the top ten cases.And interpret.

  1.Messi became a hard stone international brand ambassador

  Messi has become the first brand ambassador of the first dining, entertainment and hotel brand Hard Rock International.The two sides signed a five-year cooperation agreement.Although it is already in a career,But Messi’s influence is still huge,Well-known brands such as Baiwei Yingbo, Jia Ze, Adidas have long-term cooperation with Messi.


  Messi said in a statement: “Sports and music are inseparable part of my life,It is the perfect combination of my career and spare time.”” It is a huge success together with the two.I am very happy to rely on me to achieve this special result.Can be the first athlete with a brand with a brand with music legend,I feel very honored.”

  Jim Allen, President of Hard Stone International, said thatThe company has become one of the world’s most famous, favorite brands.Promote all aspects of its operations.Allen also said,Messi is the correct choice of partner celebration of the anniversary of the company’s anniversary.

  2.Emiagio becomes NFL official spirits sponsor

  NFL has signed a comprehensive effort cooperation agreement with the wine company emperor.This multi-year agreement is the first open spirits for the first time,The agreement will cover the main marketing platform of NFL,Includes radio, digital media and social media.Before thisDiagio has established a partnership with 12 NFL teams and their stadiums.

  NFL business development and sponsorship Vice President Assama-Yaw Asamoah said: “Everything they do from the perspective of responsibility,In the market, it is really far more than other spirits.This is also reflected in their marketing standards,It is compared to other market players,They have higher standards,And use this as a policy reference to our advertising to restriction and open a spirits in 2017.”

  Edpe Pirkington, Chief Marketing Officer, Erjaiio, said,Indicated thatAs part of the NFL partnership,The company will continue to focus on responsible drinking.”We will make sure you do this in a truly comprehensive manner.”In addition,Diagio has also received international marketing rights.

  3.Gu Ai Ling became a spokesperson of Tiffany’s global brand

  recently,World famous jewelery brand Tiffany & Co. Tiffany released Tiffany T1 Series 2021 New Advertising Black – “Give Me THE T”.This shot was interpretable by the latest global brand spokesman Terry Elis Rose, Anya Taylor – Joe and Guiling.


  Gu Ling said: “Wearing a unique meaningful jewelry is a wonderful experience.It gives me strength, inspired my inspiration,Let me be brave enough to express myself,No words,It is also available.The new Tiffany T1 series is the perfect balance between elegant and simple and bold avant-garde.I am deeply fascinating.”

  As an important member of the Chinese delegation of Beijing Winter Olympics,The competitiveness of Gu Ai Ling in the field is constantly highlighted.March this year,Gu Ai Ling still wounded the world championship championship,The strength is not to be underestimated.As a super new star in the ice and snow field,Gu Ai Ling also got a lot of well-known big names,Including Red Bull, Mengniu, Anta has established a partnership.

  4.Los Angeles Olympic Games and Cloud Software Company Salesforce reached 7 years of cooperative relations

  The cloud software company Salesforce has reached a seven-year relationship with the US Olympic team and the Los Angeles Olympics and the Paralympic Games.This headquartered company will become a founding partner of the Los Angeles Olympics.And responsible for providing its Salesforce Customer 360 technology,To enhance the digital experience of the fans and athletes in the Olympic preparation stage.In addition,Salesforce also cooperates with American Broadcasting Company NBC.Sponsive it to the Olympic and Paralympic Games,From this summer, the Tokyo Olympics has been to the Los Angeles Olympics.NBC will also use Salesforce software to establish an Olympic and Paralympic Fan community.


  Salesforce President and Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Franklin said: “In Salesforce,Our mission is to achieve successful technology by helping our customers.Make the world better.We are proud of supporting the Los Angeles Olympics and the Paralympics.”We are very happy to cooperate with the Los Angeles Olympics, the US Olympic team and NBC global.And look forward to creating the most innovative sports digital experience for attractive athletes and fans.”

  Kathy Carter, CEO of the US Olympic and Paralympic Assets, said: “Cooperation with Salesforce will bring the most cutting-edge technology.Let the Olympics and the fans of the Paralympic Games participate.”” Salesforce will make the US team and the Los Angeles Olympics can establish contact with fans in the most personal way.Manage contacts and content in an unprecedented manner.”

  5.Sanshu officially became China’s national short-track team partner

  June 10th,The three trees officially announced as a short-sliding team partner in China.With the growing winter Olympics in Beijing 2022,Three trees will join hands in Wu Dajing, Gu Ling, and China’s short track speed skatery prepare for Winter Olympics.Release China’s strength,Witness “China Time,Go out together. “


  China National Short Track Sliding Team is a professional skills applying in the Winter Olympics, and the spirit of teamwork, the pursuit of the ultimate beliefs and the three trees of the enterprise concept,The three trees will also help with the helmets of China’s short traveler’s speed slide, it will help them play, excellent performance on the field.

  Come and join hands.Three trees will protect the athletes through excellent green products and services.Helps China’s short-term fastess team to win the game, winning achievements.China National Short Track Skaller Join,Also enlighten three trees to promote the upgrade of brand globalization,Further enhance the visibility and influence of the brand in the world,Let more consumers around the world understand the charm of ice and snow through three trees and enjoy a beautiful, healthy lifestyle.

  6.Wanlihui became 2020 European Cup Official Global Partners

  June 17th,WORLDST official,Officially became 2020 European Cup official global partner.In fact, Wanlihui’s advertisement has always appeared on the LED advertising board in the European Cup.Since this European Cup is held in 11 cities,A higher requirement for cross-border receipts,This also makes Wanli see a good opportunity for brand promotion.


  Wanlihui was established in London, England, 2004.Always committed to providing better payment services for SMEs around the world.In 2019,Wanlihui joined the ant group to become a wholly-owned subsidiary,Continue to cooperate with qualified domestic institutions,Provides a more fast, convenient and affordable cross-border collection service for the majority of cross-border e-commerce sellers and SMEs.This time, the European Cup,Also became the first brand of cross-border circles.

  In recent years,New financial entities such as cross-border transfer are increasingly involved in sports sponsorship,Football is particularly favored.This movement has enabled more brands to make them the first entrance to sports marketing in global high universalities and coverage.This European Cup has become a new company and new business marketing feast.

  7.Italian Football Association established a relationship with Sony

  The Italian Football Association (FIC) has announced a cooperative relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment.And choose PlayStation as the official partner of the Italian national team,Until 2021.Previously,PlayStation 5 has been namely a famous Italian super cup.


  Markco Brunelli, Secretary General, said: “This prestige will make us closer to the young generation and e-sports world.””I believe,Cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment will give us a chance to contact many other young people.And let them enter the big family of Italian football.”

  Through cooperation with the Italian national team,Sony Interactive Entertainment and Italian Football Association provide more opportunities for Italian fans and games,Establish a large and active community,Reflects the values of inclusive and fair competition,This is critical to football sustainable development.

  8.Cazoo Chengnoke Masters, British Championships, Crown Crown Main Sponsor

  British famous used car online trading platform CAZOO announced that it is deepened with Matchroom,Become a major sponsor of the World Cup, the World Cup, the World Cup, the World Cup, the World Cup, and the European Championships.Cazoo’s cooperation with the World Snooker Tour (WST) is further deepened.Tour the player tournament, tour tournament and the World Grand Prix,After creating the Snooker Cazoo Series,Also put the brand logo in the Masters, the British Championships and the crown of three high-quality Snooker events.


  Cazoo founder and CEO Alex Chesterman said: “We are committed to creating cazoo into a family brand.With Matchroom and cooperation, we will further expand the audience group.Continue to provide the best purchase experience for British and even European darts and Snooker fans.”

  Barry Hearn, president of Matchroom, said: “Very happy Snox and Darts can have brand partners such as Cazoo.We like to cooperate with Alex’s team.It turns out that they are creative and have a partner with innovative spirit.At present, we have collaborate with Cazoo 9 to have a prestigious event project.I look forward to introducing Cazoo’s brands to our faithful fans.Establish a stable continuous, mutual benefit.”

  9.ATP establishes partnership with Italian Wine Alliance ASTI DOCG

  ATP and ASTI DOCG announced the establishment of global partnerships,This Italian Wine Alliance will become the official foaming wine of the ATP Tour and the ATP Year-end finals.Unture 2023.Consorzio Asti Docg brings together more than 4,000 companies in Piedmont, Italy,Including winery, foaming winery, cooperative wine cellar and producers,100 million bottles will be produced in 2021.The consort is dedicated to protecting, developing and promoting ASTI Sparkling and Moscato D ‘Asti wine in Italy and around the world.Includes the main market in the UK, Russia and the United States.As an official supplier of ATP Tour,The constellation will expose exposure in the ATP tour number and social channels throughout the year.At present, these channels have more than 8 million fans.


  ATP chief business official Daniele Sanò said: “We are very pleased to welcome ASTI to become ATP global partners.And tell our international audience story about their historic brands and quality wines.”” Asti is also synonymous in Piedmont.From 2021 to 2025,Our event will build a new home here.This is an exciting opportunity,It can be created for many years of strategic partnerships.”

  ASTI DOCG President Lorenzo Barbero said: “We are very happy to work with ATP,By enjoying a reputation international sports stage,Promote our history, passion and our vineyard landscape of UNESCO World Heritage,And our manufacturer’s expertise.”

  10.Sokin became the official Global payment and foreign exchange transfer partner in Monaco

  Sokin, the financial technology company, has established three years of cooperative relationship with Chamono.Become a club’s official global payment and foreign exchange transfer partner.Previously,The company just opened cooperation with Everton.SOKIN is a global monetary account provider,Founded in 2019,It will support the international foreign exchange and payment needs of Monaco through its business payment.


  Monaco Vice Chairman and CEO Oleg Petrov said: “We are very proud to welcome Sokin to join the Monaco family.This new cooperation is part of our continued club overall development commitment.We are very happy to cooperate through this innovation, international partners,He has cooperated with a number of Premier League clubs.And in Ai A, Monaco was chosen.”

  Vroon Modgill, Founder and Director of Sokin, said: “We are very happy to work with well-known clubs like Monaco,To support our business growth ambition.We look forward to working with clubs and their partners,Help create more inclusive and global payments and transfer solutions,Deliver the freedom of football in the event without financial barriers.”

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