[Brazil Nuts Costco]Zhejiang First Costco officially settled Xiaoshan This plate has an exposure big news!

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  I haven’t had a moving city for a long time.Finally official official

  yesterday,On the 20th China Zhejiang Investment Trade Fair, Jiang Forum,Xiaoshan Technology Development Zone is in the opening of the city, China) Investment Co., Ltd., signed the “Investment Agreement” in Hangzhou Shangchao project.


  this means, The world’s top 500 companies, the world’s second largest retailer, USA, officially settled in Xiaoshan.

  This is the fifth country in the country.Zhejiang’s first Costco member store.

  The project is located in the bridge between the development zone,East to Green belt, south to Hongda Road, west to planning road, north to pass. This is the same as the location of the selection of the withdrawal after adjustment last year.


  As early as August last year,There will be the rumors of Xiaoshan Xianghu, the four Costco will address Xiaoshan Xianghu.Subsequently, a registered address of the public (Hangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd.Instantly excited a lot of households, But I didn’t fall.


  Space, March,There is a control adjustment of a location demonstration in the official website of Hangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau.Once again, I made a stimulant.

  In the latest adjustment,The address of Costco is moved from Xianghu to Nishi.But I haven’t picked it with a hot file and I have been withdrawn by my mind.

  March this year,The Hangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Xiaoshan Branch once again conducts the publicity of the Ninghe East Block.But only mentioned a large business function,Not mentioned in Costco.


  over and over again,Made people. This signature,Finally officially wrote a convention with white paper black words: It is expected to start at the end of this year.Opened before the end of July 2023.

  Waiting for half a year,Costco has finally rushed to us.

  Costco,Almost self-with flow.

  At the end of August last year,Costco has opened the first store in the Mainland in Minhang District, Shanghai.I heard that there are many Hangzhou small partners specially drive for two hours to arrive in Shanghai.

  Opening the day,This store is squeezed by people.Maotai and Hermes who were snapped up have occupied the headlines of major news. It is said thatParking space queued at the time,Entering all 3 hours.

  first half of this year,Costco quickly fell in the Shanghai Pudong New Area,Successfully entered Suzhou, Nanjing in April,Hangzhou This is its fifth in the mainland.

  Hangzhou Costco covers an area of 54 acres,This volume is basically twice that of Shanghai Costco.


  Light is a single layer area to reach 1.80,000 m2,One of the layers of 8 meters high,Second, three layers and roofs are parking lots,It is expected that after opening,The annual turn will exceed 1 billion yuan.

  As the current global sales of chain members, wholesale stores,There are a few deeper labels on it.

  One is the goods very complete,Small to food, department store,Big to luxury goods,There should be everything.

  Maybe you just came out from the roast chicken pile, the baking area came out.Take a few steps to Hermès, LV’s big pack.

  Second, low-cost high quality,Full box of fruit, whole roast chicken,Super large box of beef,Shopping once,You can use it for ten or a half months.Among them, the price of non-food products in the store is lower than 30% to 60% of the market price.The food is 10% to 20%.

  Another one is its membership system, This is similar to “Sam Supermarket” that has fallen in Hangzhou.Consumers only pay the payment,After the door, you can enter the store for consumption after “testing the positive”.

  Previously, the membership fee of the Costco Shanghai store is 299 yuan.This family in Hangzhou can do this.

  At present, there are more than 700 stores in the world.Have more than 100 million member users.

  Some people predict,Under the three-child policy,Big packaging food and daily necessities will have more demand,Sam, Costco’s consumption will change much.

  As the first Costco, Zhejiang,Finally, at the Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone,It is inevitable that it is not a moment,It is considered by many aspects.

  From the location,It is located in Xiaoshan Ningwei.It is just between the three major sectors of the Olympic, Asian Games Village and Xiaoshan Science and Technology City.It is a tribute to a handicap.

  It’s hard to determine its place,We can say that it is Xiaoshan Science and Technology City,Because it is located in the south side of Xiaoshan Science and Technology City.It is only 300 meters away from the airport express station, and it is seen from the control rules.It belongs to Ning East,The southwest direction is about 5,000 acres of Niri future headquarters community.

  Therefore, it is also,It can draw the traffic of three sections at the same time,High speed and airport track express line on the south side,Make it even to cover the guest group in the main city.

  effect,It is often two-way.

  For the existing resource, poor, it is concerned.Use 54 acres of land,Recruit a “big mile supermarket”,It can also take this from the hat wearing it.At least, it is no longer “nothing”.

  Costco is expected to form a gathering effect in Suri.The rainbow sucks the money of Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan Science and Technology City, and even the flow of the whole money.

  We can greatly deemed it as the introduction of SKP in Xiaoshan District.Another move in the regional commercial support environment,Hangzhou’s future business landscape,It is inevitable to be two sides of Qianjiang,Intertrofun.

  It is worth mentioning that,Costco is located in the northeast of the future headquarters community.Both are across a city elevated.


  On the eve of the future headquarters in the future,The sector won this huge greatness,It is bound to give developers more confidence.

  Costco is stationed in Nishi,This is not a good advantage.

  of course,For buyers,Our attention is eventually to fall to the new house.

  Unable to stop,I used to get 4 real estate in the south of Ning Wheet.Just successively bid farewell.

  Don’t rely on the railway, the big market that does not rely on the high, Yue Yizhong,Undoubtedly, NO1 is NO1.Real estate,However, the project has been opened four times.It has been officially closed;

  High room rate,Bring more than 20,000 business supporting Shui Mingcheng,I was closed at yesterday.At this formal liquidation;

  Aspects of the relatively weak sunny sea,After opening two times,It is also taken from the options of the buyer.

  Currently,There is only one choice for buyers – everyone Kun and Meiju,The project is about 800 meters from Metro Line 2.There are more than 400 sets of remaining homes.

  Push twice two times,The winning rate has been approaching 10%,More than 400 sets of supplies are afraid not enough to fill the gap of the sector demand.

  Ok,Binjiang and talker in the first concentrated platform,Take a new home next to the Xinxing Road Station of Subway Line 7 with a capsule.The price is not changed,3.350,000 / m2.


  This plot is the most south place in the sector.The fastest year can enter the market,This is what we can expect.

  but,Binjiang Metro Costco,It is normal to shake is normal.

  At last,Need to remind,Although a Costco is enough to set off in the property market,But we don’t have to demonstrate it too much.

  Hangzhou, race, runningRational treatment every kind.

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