[Counter-Strike]‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ text function lets users play new pranks

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  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have discovered that they can mess with their teammates using the in-game radio commands.

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  Players have discovered that they are able to trigger radio voice clips on command in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by pasting codes into the in-game console.

  This function also lets players bind the character death sound to a key, letting them play it multiple times in succession (thanks The Loadout).


  Players are also able to send text via the console that looks almost indistinguishable from the messages that game sends to players via chat, including the ability to send messages which replicate loot-crate opening notifications, as discovered on Reddit:

  You can use the recently discovered radio commands to send fake messages about unboxing cases from GlobalOffensive

  The reddit thread is full of comments that elaborate on the other things you can do, including emulating the well-known Counter Strike notifications for the bomb being planted.

  These messages will only appear for teammates, however, so there is a limit to how much confusion can be sown by players who are messing around.

  Earlier this year, Valve decided to make it so that a number of features would no longer be available for free players of Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

  Players with a non-Prime Counter-Strike account will not be able to receive XP, be ranked, or earn drops.


  In a blog, Valve claimed that the previously available benefits had become “an incentive for bad actors to hurt the experience of both new and existing players.”

  In other news, indie demolition and heist game Teardown has added a range of new difficulty and accessibility options in a brand new update.?

  Developer Dennis Gustafsson said of the options, “Personally I’m very thankful when games offer them and there are many games I would just have quit playing without them.”

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