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﹛﹛Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s Season Four update has been revealed in a new trailer, confirming the return of maps like Hijacked.

﹛﹛By Cade Onder

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﹛﹛Warzone Season 4 Revealed In New Trailer

﹛﹛At Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live show,?Call of Duty: Warzone?and?Black Ops Cold War?got gameplay trailer for Season Four, revealing a new operator, the next chapter in the story, and some new and returning maps, including Black Ops 2’s Hijacked. Beyond the simple additions to?Call of Duty:?Black Ops Cold War?that are typically expected, it seems there will also be a big new event within?Warzone?involving a crashed satellite that has landed in Verdansk.

﹛﹛Recently,?Season Three’s?Warzone?update left many a bit disappointed. A new map was hyped up, but it just ended up being a big reskin of the map that players have been playing for the past year. While it’ll likely be?a while before a proper new map to explore is dropped into?Warzone, it seems like developer Raven Software is making some more changes to Verdansk ’84 to tide players over.


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﹛﹛The?Call of Duty Season Four gameplay trailer for?Warzone?and?Black Ops Cold War?sees the reveal of a new operator, who can be seen?bringing down a satellite from orbit into the canals of Verdansk. It appears players will then fight over it, but for what reasons are currently unknown reasons. It’s just one of many smaller updates to?Warzone’s?map in the last few months, but it wouldn’t be surprising if this new storyline continues into Season Four and beyond. Fans can also expect three new?Call of Duty:?Black Ops Cold War maps, including a remake of?Hijacked from?Black Ops 2,?as well as a new Zombies experience coming this season. Season Four will begin on June 14.


﹛﹛It’s unclear what the importance of the satellite is from the relatively brief trailer, but it’s clear this new character is obviously some sort of villain, probably one working with Stitch. Whether or not any of these stories will have much of an impact on the stories of future?Call of Duty?games is unknown, but they do seem to be continuing the story of?Black Ops Cold War.

﹛﹛As of right now, rumors suggest the next?Call of Duty?(supposedly subtitled?Vanguard)?will be set during World War II, which will subsequently bring?Warzone?to WWII, as well. The popular battle royale will reportedly get a new map set in the Pacific Theater whenever?Call of Duty 2021?launches, but nothing has been confirmed so far. It’s expected that the new entry in the series will also be revealed within?Warzone,?just like?Call of Duty:?Black Ops Cold War?was in late 2020. Whichever way that hasty announcement goes, fans can expect to get plenty of?1980s goodness from?Warzone over the coming months leading up to the launch of Sledgehammer’s new entry in the series.


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